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Av Huergo 1189
ZIP Code
Buenos Aires

Company Profile:
AOS is an Argentinian IT company located in Buenos Aires.
SInce 2010 AOS is fully dedicated to offer COLPPY , a 100 % online accounting system for small bussiness (PYMES) . It´s easy, simple and economic.

Colppy - Online accounting for small bussiness

What we offer:
Colppy is a system that enables you to manage your small business, anytime, no matter where you are and at low cost.

Traditional accounting system or “desktop business software” requires centralized access, frequent software updates and infrastructure maintenance. Backups are stored locally with the risk of losing all the accounting data due to hardware malfunctioning or computes being stolen. Traditional software runs locally, it is not possible to easily connect and collaborate between neither users nor an accountant with its customers.
Colppy follows the globally approved SaaS model where information is stored centrally and data can be accessed easily. It helps SMEs in reducing compliance costs. It can take several years for policy to be implemented in desktop business software. Colppy only needs to be changed in one place so can be implemented in weeks or months rather than years, significantly bringing forward economic benefits.
Colppy provides vendor, customer and basic accounting management.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:
-Potencial partners interested in adapting and offering Colppy in Spain or Latam
-Investors to help us accelerate the developement

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Mr Mariano Rizzi

Director de Servicio

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