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ITelligent Information Technologies SL

Parque Tecnologico Tecnobahia
ZIP Code
El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cádiz)

Company Profile:
ITelligent is a young technology based SME specialized in obtaining commercial, social and competitive intelligence from the web by using Natural Language Processing (data collection, information retrieval, text classification, information extraction, opinion mining), probabilistic modelling and optimization. In particular is specialized in Spanish Public Sector Information (PSI), it runs a platform of over 10 millions documents and daily process several thousand documents from over 70 spanish PSI data sources, it offers different information services based on that data.

Advance commercial, social and competitive intelligence from the web

What we offer:
We are a Technology Based Company specialized in obtaining Intelligence by processing large amounts of data legally accecible through internet. We are experts in using techniques from web mining, natural language processing and business analytics, in order to offer a competitive advantage for our clients. Our expertise:

- Scrapping and data extraction from the web.
- Given structure to data from webs (html, pdfs, …) by automatic classification, information extraction and other advance techniques.
- Advance opinion mining and sentiment analysis (i.e. monitoring and advance extraction of opinions from forums) .
- Social Networks Anlysis (i.e. detecting influencers, hot topics, trends in twitter and other social networks).
- Predictive Analytics: Modeling data to forecast future trends.
- Prescriptive Analytics: Modeling data to optimize actions (i.e. product recommendation, prices recommendation, …).

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partnerships with companies that can use our advance technologies to solve their clients needs.
We are looking for partnerships with research centres that can provide advance solutions in our business areas.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • CRM
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business applications
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile marketing


Mr Jaime Martel

Technical Manager
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