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Company Profile:
PRAGSIS BIDOOP was founded in Madrid in early 2004 as a response to the market´s need of IT professionals, providing Big Data Solutions, Open Source Advising, Digital Solutions,and Enterprise Security.

Since 2010, Pragsis Bidoop has been working on Big Data solutions as current tools are not able to handle the wide growth of information. In early 2012, the R&D team created BIDOOP, an Open Source Platform for Big Data based on Hadoop which enables to process and store large amounts of data. Pragsis Bidoop develops outstanding products based on this technology which provide significant, competitive advantage in all sectors at a low cost.

BIDOOP. The open source Big Data platform.

What we offer:
Pragsis Bidoop launches BIDOOP, an Open Source Platform for Big Data processing and management.

BIDOOP provides a quality, efficient, robust and low-cost technology, capable of solving all the limitations related to massive data management.

This platform counts on a wide range of products: Logs Processing, Geolocation Analysis, Security Monitoring, Social Media Analysis, Fraud Detection, Web Profilng, Purchase Analysis, Marketing Optimisation... and a large etcetera.

This Big Data Platform also allows companies to create a centralised repository of information where data is kept for deep analysis.

What we are looking for:
Help all the companies trying to solve their limitations related to massive data management, including historic data storing enlarging, processing information, and making the most of their heterogeneous data sources.

We are especially looking for companies interested in improving their businesses, generating added value to their data and getting more profits at the lowest cost.

We are also looking for partnerships, those businesses willing to innovate and provide new Big Data ideas and solutions. This is a fast growing market and we are keen to discuss things further with anyone dealing with large amounts of data and /or business applications.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Processing Hardware
    • Storage
    • IT Security
    • Infrastructure software
    • Open source
    • High-performance computing
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Warehouse
    • Social software
    • IT services
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile marketing
    • e-commerce


Mr David Millán

Director of Big Data Solutions
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