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C/ Toronga, 23
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Company Profile:
Spanish company established in 1993. We are working in different areas of expertise as, contact center, SAP BCM, Addupps (Social Media) and mHealthAlert.
(; platform in the cloud and service pay per use.
mHealthAlert provide a better and inexpensive way 24x7 “always on” tele-monitoring services to the elderly and chronic patients from their homes, in real time with doctors.

mHealthAlert. Telemedicine platform, hosted in the cloud to monitor chronically ill. Pay per use. Real time relationship patient-doctor.

What we offer:
We are software manufacturers and system integrators.

Problem:Healthcare system too expensive.Too many readmissions for discharged patients.No monitoring real time for the chronically ill.

Solution:Is an open telemedicine and remote health network-based. Platform that provides services through mobile applications to tele-monitor in-home and mobile chronic patients, providing doctors with patients clinical history for accurate treatment in real-time.

Competitors: Our competition don’t have a business model pay per use, don’t use out-of-shelves devices, their solutions are not open to all products providers and don’t cover the full cycle of alerts, reminders and real-time care from doctors to patients.

What we are looking for:
Unique Advantage:Service pay per use, mobile, interactive, open platform to integrate all telemedicine products, easy to use for patients and doctors, reminders solution.
Opportunity:Oportunity for drastically reduce cost while improving services for the Health industry in general.
Customers: Doctors, patients, Health care services, insurance companies, air products companies, laboratories... Changing behaviors represents the single biggest opportunity to improve health outcomes. Automatic, always-on, always-with-you nature of mobile technology is the key.
Business for Telcos: A new market to provide wide band and services to the elderly.Ttelemedicine manufacturers. eHealth service providers to include this service in their business model increasing the added value to their customers.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • CRM
    • Business applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Social software
    • IT services
    • Business consultancy
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Operators
    • Mobile devices
    • Mobile Internet
    • Mobile applications
    • Mobility and wireless


Ms Immaculada Parras Pastor

Dra. Marketing y Comunicación
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