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Robesafe Group -Alcalá University

Campus Universitario, Edificio Politécnico, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
ROBE-SAFE group, with experience dating back to 1996, aims the study and research in Robotics and Road Safety Services
using artificial vision techniques.

This group is currently working in collaboration with companies in the automotive sector and
Robotics sector.

Some technologies are in a pre-commercial stage and therefore capable of being incorporated into the market by companies in the short term.

Face tracking and pose estimation with automatic 3D model construction.

What we offer:
ROBE-SAFE research group from the Electronics Department of Alcalá University has developed a method for robustly tracking and estimating the face pose of a person using stereo vision. The method is invariant to identity and does not require previous training. A face model is automatically initialised and constructed on-line. This method could serve as the basis of a monitoring system for driving or behavior analysis of drivers and it has been tested on sequences registered in a naturalist simulator and a moving car.

For the first time, this system of computer vision is able to recognize the orientation of the human face, with no need of previous identification of the person or offline training.

This system is innovative in the way of joining the three algorithms that uses for its functioning: SMAT, RANSAC and POSIT. To the best of their knowledge they had never been used before in that way.

This method works in real time (30 images per second) and it takes 33 milliseconds to execute the algorithms.

What we are looking for:
The group is interested in commercial agreements with companies from the automotive components sector, virtual reality, interface in control of robots, driving simulation in aeronautic, simulators designers and electronic entertainment (interfaces for PCs, TVs, video games, etc).


Mr Luis Miguel Bergasa

Professor / Researcher from the Electronic Department
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