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Company Profile:
Bitam is a global provider of solutions for Enterprise Performance Management(EPM) for Business Intelligence(BI),Financial Planning and Strategic Planning through software applications that provides the most advanced analytical capabilities that can generate performance reports, governance and accountability, to help businesses to analyze, to plan and to manage their business operations in order to achieve its strategic goals.

Business Intelligence.- Making Decisions Process Management

What we offer:
Bitam is a Business Intelligence Software Developer.
Bitam offers Business Intelligence, Strategic & Financial Solutions, covering all needs for our clients. Also offers survey systems integrating data entry and reporting and analysis
It can be used to merge information from differents origins, to capture manual information, to visualize as it's necesary, to analyse, to distribute anywhere and any form , to control planning and corrective actions and to manage responsibilities.
Our solutions could work in any technic platform (Data Base, Operative System); and it can run in any browser and device.
Its high performance and its user friendly besides its fast deployment and training making BITAM the best solutions in market to help any organization to perform their Making Decision Process Management.

What we are looking for:
Bitam operates with partners which provides solutions for its clients using our solutions and technology under an in house or a cloud platform.
We are consolidating the partnership net in Spain and developing them in many countries in Europe.
We are looking for software integrators or business consulting.
Therefore if you are a final client and like to know about our solutions we will be pleased to have an apointment at SIMO Network

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    • Business Intelligence
    • Business applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Business consultancy


Mr Juan Carlos GarcĂ­a

Business Development Director

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