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Plan 3, Planificación Estrategia y Tecnología Sl

Parque científico Tecnológico Agroindustrial de Jerez. Avda de la innovación sn
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Company Profile:
Plan 3 was born out of the expertise gained from its partners and from its own professionals, and has a wide experience in private and public companies, in relation to the business management.
Plan3’s main objective is to create tools and methodologies for the enterprise network, by means of the promotion of expert management systems and the access to the information which facilities the election of its productive strategies, desirable evolution of the company and the strategies, desirable evolution of the company and the promotion of strategic and operative plans.
Plan3 Planificación, Estrategia y Tecnología was created with the following mission:
“To develop, edit and commercialize expert systems and management tools, as well as to develop projects, all within the framework of business, organizational and technological management for SMEs and other institutions”.

Expert management software development

What we offer:
We are a technological based company, founder partner of the Andalusian Association of technological based companies (AABT). We are based in knowledge and with constant evolution towards excellence as well as compomised with the newest technoligies in the area of business management.
Member of the Indehold II group (Innovation and development group) being responsible of the strategic planning for all the members companies. Also worked with several public institutions with a high level of satisfaction and success.
PLAN3 has developed different I+D+i projects related to expert software ex.

What we are looking for:
Plan3 is interested in participating as partner in the area of Information technologies and communications. We are also interested in participating in other areas such as Enviroment taking part in those issues related with our own activity.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • BPM
    • ERP
    • CRM
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Social software
    • IT services
    • Business consultancy


Ms Mariela Pino

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