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Parque Científico. Ctra de Madrid km 388.
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Company Profile:
VÓCALI is an innovative service company focused in speech recognition software development.

Our technology combines speech recognition technology with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build intelligent systems capable of understanding human natural language.

We have products for home and building automation and healthcare.

We are set in Murcia (Spain) since 2007.

Speech recognition systems

What we offer:
We offer speech recognition technology to be applied in different products and/or markets.

We are experts in developing speech recognition systems for our products and for other companies.

Our technology is being applied to healthcare, home and building automation, robotics, user interfaces,...

This technology can be used for different languages, although we are focused mainly on Spanish language.

The main advantages of our technology is:
- The use of Natural Language Processing techniques to improve user experience.
- A set of tools which make possible to tune the system/technology for other domains (e.g. telephony systems,...).
- Accuracy and realibity.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for other companies (Spanish or not) for making partnership relations, mainly for healthcare markets.

We are also interested in companies which want to include speech recognition technology into their products.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Business consultancy
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile applications


Mr Pedro Vivancos

Director de Estrategia en Innovación
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