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ITP Group (Industria de Turbopropulsores, S.A.) - In Service Support

Ctra Torrejón-Ajalvir, Km 3.5
ZIP Code
Torrejón de Ardoz

Company Profile:
The ITP group, participated by Sener Aeronáutica (53.12%) and Rolls-Royce (46.87%), includes among its activities such areas as Engineering, Research & Development, Manufacture and Casting, as well as the Assembly and Testing of aeronautical engines and gas turbines. It also offers In Service Support with value added MRO services for engines, accesories, components and parts.

ITP is a leading global company delivering high-technology products and services in the aeronautical and industrial engine market over the entire product life cycle.

REVIEN: Virtual Reality for Training

What we offer:
ITP has developed a new system created exclusively for practical training in the performance of maintenance tasks, based on the concept of "Virtual Reality for Training“, called REVIEN in its Spanish abbreviation.

The success of this system is shown by the fact that today it forms part of the training for the specialist aircraft maintenance technicians of the Spanish Army. REVIEN is a system made up of several components, each with a specific function, and all with the common mission of providing the most modern and effective training resources to the training centres.

REVIEN can import 3D models in VRML. The instructor can create practice maintenance tasks by recording individual sequences. The Instructor can teach maintenance tasks through immersion in a virtual environment with a active stereoscopic projection using 3D standard projector, monitors or TV.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for local or international partners to adapt the system to specific markets and develop new applications. In addition, we also seek business partners and potential new users / customers.


Mr Francisco Buendía

Logistic System Manager In Service Support Business Unit


FMS (Fleet Management System)

What we offer:
FMS is a development of ITP which we think can be used by other companies, since this solution provides significant cost savings.
For this reason, System Logistic Unit of ITP offers this technological solution to companies interested in Maintenance Based On Condition or Predective Maintenance with hughe industrial deployment. ITP could adapt FMS to final use.

Key features:
- Customer relationships management
- Capability of Health Monitoring: Diagnosis and trending capabilities. Management of serialized parts and its reference data.
- Monitor and manage the in service fleet status and shop planning (Daily and Monthly)
-Configuration management for Service Support and maintenance actions based on condition.
- Providing capabilities of monitoring and remaining life.
- MRO Management
- High availability to interface with external system
- Electronic Logbook management.
- Manage the historical data for components and its maintenance actions.
- Allowing the traceability of logistic and maintenance actions.
- Stock management by each location.

Benefits of FMS:

- Obtain a high level of fleet operability.
- Optimize the operating and service processes.
- Reduce maintenance costs, improving the operativity.
- Provide information related to the fleet status.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies interested in this Logistic Solution, as final customers (under license), or as commercial partners (under distribution agreements).


Mr Francisco Buendía

Logistic System Manager In Service Support Business Unit


SPRINT: Spares and Resources Innovative Calculation Tool

What we offer:
SPRINT is a tool developed by ITP in its R&D activity, focused on cost savings in maintenance of engine parts. This tool can be applied to other industries where maintenance is usually needed.

SPRINT system performs the following calculations based on the reliability of components and assemblies, operation data and a previously defined support structure:
- Calculation of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance tasks including: Labour, Tooling, Spare Parts.
- Calculation of parts and stock levels for the Main Operating Bases, workshops and support locations.
- Calculation of Life Cycle cost of an engine in-service phase.
- Advanced mathematical model and simulations scenarios for spare parts and resources forecasting.

Benefits of SPRINT:

Optimization and forecast: Budgets
Planning in a short, medium and long time
Level of spare parts required
Location of each type of spare parts
Updating information of spare parts with real fleet operation.
Reduce stock costs.
Monitoring cost in the programs and projects.
Economic analysis of changes and enhancements.
Identify the cost drivers for the LCC analysis.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for partners to exploit this tool in other sectors.
We also study the possibility of transferring the use under licence to companies that want to implement this software.


Mr Francisco Buendía

Logistic System Manager In Service Support Business Unit

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