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RQUER Tecnologia y sistemas,S.L.

Calle Cristo del Buen Fin 7 Local
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Company Profile:
RqueR Tecnología y Sistemas is a young Andalusian company specialized in advance services related to the Technologies of the Information and Communication, especially with those applications where the geolocalización is a fundamental value.
From the design, management and optimization of geographical databases up to the development of applications of mobile and web diffusion, through the support to the generation and automatic transformation of different cartographic bases of reference.

Visor of double window of simultaneous navigation (cartography - panoramic photography), based on free software

What we offer:
Methodologies for landscape protection based on the introduction of parameters relating to visibility in space, thus understood that characterize the space according to their properties, making it useful for the optimal use of their qualities, developing appropriate interfaces that transfer data to their referents local type remote through algorithms based on visibility .
Methodologies for assigning coordinates to all points altazimutales panoramic photograph of a high resolution (over 1 gigapixel) and related to the universal geographic coordinate systems automatically. This technology can be used by one side in the dissemination of digital map content, as it enables the bidirectional relationship between plane and photography.

What we are looking for:
Interested in agreements for development and exploitation with Public Administration or companies working or wih connections in the next areas: Digital contents, Tourist promotion, environment protection, detection of ofrest fires.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Open source
    • Public network infrastructures
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Social software
    • Digital content


Mr Andres Romero Morato

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