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Bixpe (Abbanza Research)

ZIP Code
Torrejón de Ardoz

Company Profile:
Bixpe is a mobility solution that aims to increase the productivity of business, providing control and management of mobile resources that streamlines the process and reduces costs.

Bixpe has more than 5 years in the management and location of resources.

Sectorial solutions: delivering, emergency services, sales force, street furniture and merchandise management.

Modular solutions, cover very specific needs: activity report, allocation services and Geophoto.

Auto Mobile and Bixpe Auto are solutions for smartphones and vehicle location.

Bixpe: Mobility Solutions and Location Knowledge

What we offer:
Bixpe offers solutions tailored to different sectors and also studies the application development solutions that meet the needs of other sectors.

Delivering: advertising management division. Submission, states ...

Emergency services: manage teams working on ambulances.

Sales force: control sales teams working. Visits, schedules, waypoints ..

Street furniture: control of personnel working on the street. Waypoints, stays, activity, reporting ..

Merchandise Management: management and control of the distribution and logistics of goods transported.

What we are looking for:
Bixpe mobility solutions are designed to meet the need of certain sectors. For each sector there are many jobs that may require either solution.

Delivering: Direct Marketing, Promotions, Coupons / Discount, Advertising, Catalogs, Gifts

Emergency services: Ambulance, Coastguard, Civil Protection Service, Primary Care Emergency

Sales force: Commercial, Experts, Services, Visitors, Inspections, Maintenance

Street furniture: Technical, Visitors, Buildings, Experts, Environment, Maintenance

Merchandise Management: Logistics, Parcel, Rail, Shipping

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Mr Javier Fernandez

Sales Manager
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