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G&L Group

Paraguay 3735
ZIP Code
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Company Profile:
G&L is a private argentine company that since 1994 provides Information Technology Services and Solutions. G&L has extensive industry experience in bank and finance, retail, telecommunications and public sector.
Since its foundation, G&L interest was to promote innovation responding to the continuous challenges of the markets. A team devoted exclusively to R&D was created. As a result of it, 7 international innovative projects were certified under the Iberoeka seal.
G&L has over 400 experienced professionals helping their clients to transform their business requirements into real solutions.
G&L sells products and services in the following countries: USA, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Lebanon, and Switzerland.

Software & Information Technology Services

What we offer:
G&L has extensive industry experience, specializing in bank and finance, retail, telecommunications and public sector.
Software Development, Testing Factory, Consultancy Methodology, Business Solutions (Banking, Transportation, Social Media, Costumer Service, Government).
Infrastructure Services: Servers administration, Servers virtualization, Databases administration, Storage / Backup & Restore.
Our Quality processes are supported by the CMMI Level 3 certification in the Software / Applications lines of business and by the eSCM-SP Level 5 practices in the Infrastructure Managed Services (Outsourcing) business.
Our company has 7 internationally certified R+D+i projects (IBEROEKA), that were developed with Spanish companies.

What we are looking for:
*Software companies interested in developing R&D projects.
*Software companies that require outsourcing for Infrastructure Services, Testing or Software development with remote service and excellent cost-quality ratios.
*Companies requiring infrastructure services, software solutions or testing of software products for the following areas: Financial and Banking, Transportation and Logistics, Telecommunications, Retail and Government.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Storage
    • Digitalising
    • IT Security
    • Infrastructure software
    • Virtualisation
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Business applications
    • Mobile applications
    • Social software
    • IT services
    • Business consultancy
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile applications


Mr Edgardo Seijas


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