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Francisco Tomás y Valiente, 11
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Company Profile:
The Escuela Politécnica Superior (EPS) is a technical School belonging to Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

1. Geographical location
Cantoblanco's UAM campus, km. 15 Colmenar Road. Can be reached by bus (from Plaza de Castilla) or by train (Cantoblanco Station).

2. Type of organisation: Public University.

3. General information: See

Non-Immersive Virtual Worlds applied to education and training

What we offer:
Experience implementing Virtual Labs in non-immervive virtual Worlds. Look and Feel identical to Second Life, but with an open platform.
During the last three years we have developed and experimented with students and teachers in these virtual labs, with interesting results: very attractive for students, collaborative environment, automatic evaluation and monitoring among others.

We can show (demo) the virtual labs created: Biotechnology, Agriculture, Physics (Aeronautics) and Electronics.

This technology can be useful for companies that deal with activities under one of these requirements:
- Dangerous environments. A virtual environment similar to the real on in which your users can experiment with no risk.
- Long time-demanding tasks. Imagine a training process that requires months to finish. It can be simulated in virtual environment in which time goes 100 times faster.
- Expensive training environments. In these virtual worlds you can break anything with no cost.

Examples not covered by previous list:
- Superstores. Imagine a realistic virtual environment similar to your well-known supermarket, that you can walk through picking up products. Compare it to a traditional web page.

What we are looking for:
Technological partners interested in outsourcing R&D through the new university-company agreement called "Cátedras de patrocinio" (sponsored professorship).

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Infrastructure software
    • Open source
    • Public network infrastructures
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Business Intelligence
    • Business applications
    • Social software
    • Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • e-commerce


Mr Dr. Mariano Rico


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