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Consorcio MAVIR

ETSI Informática, UNED. c/ Juan del Rosal, 16. Ciudad Universitaria
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Company Profile:
MAVIR is a research network co-funded by the Regional Government of Madrid and the European Social Fund.

The core of the consortium consists of seven research groups from CSIC, UAM, UC3M, UEM, UNED, UPM, and URJC.

The techniques, resources and applications developed by our research groups focus on Human Language Technologies; Multilingual and Multimedia Information Access; Speech Recognition and Speech-to-Text Systems; Soft-computing applied to Images Processing; and Cybermetrics.

Human Language Technologies applied to Multilingual and Multimedia Information Access

What we offer:
As a consortium of top leading research groups in Madrid, we offer know-how and expertise in areas such as:

- Natural Language Processing and Linguistics Resources.
- Distributed Multilingual and Multimedia Information Retrieval.
- Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining.
- Spontaneous Speech Recognition.
- Soft-computing Techniques applied to Image and Video Processing.
- Recommeder Systems and Personalization.
- Information Extraction & Question Answering systems.
- Document Classification and Summarization.
- Content Filtering and Work Environments free of Inappropriate Contents.
- Semantic Interoperability and Information.
- Access Systems in the Health scenario.
- eHealth and eInclusion.
- Ambient Intelligence and Ubiquitous Information Access.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for:

- License agreement.
- Technical co-operation.
- Partners for 7FP on eHealth, ICT and Security.

  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Business Intelligence
    • Social software
    • IT services
    • Digital content
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile devices
    • e-commerce


Mr Victor Peinado

Research Manager
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