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CUBIT Software Measurement Laboratory-Alcalá University

Campus Universitario, Edificio de Ciencias, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
The Software Measurement Laboratory CUBIT was established in the Department of Computer Science of the School of Engineering at Alcalá University. Cubit is a recognized laboratory with CCTE2008/R08 identification code.

Its services and research lines are focused on the Functional Measurement of Software (study of IFPUG and COSMIC units) and management of software projects.

Throughout his research activity Cubit Laboratory has carried out important efforts to transfer research results to industry so in recent years it has developed strong relationships with some of the principal developers of software and telecommunications in Spain and outside Spain.

Monitoring and prediction system for project management

What we offer:
The monitoring system developed at Alcalá University means a significant advance in the project management techniques used by industry. This system allows much greater control of the projects than the existing tracking methods.

Current techniques allow making a “snapshot” of the status of the project at a particular time of its development, while the system developed by UAH allows seeing the entire project in its current state and future prospects, at any stage of its development. In addition, the system developed at UAH introduces two completely new concepts in the field of project management: speed and acceleration of project’s costs. All these make this system the perfect tool to keep track of projects in a better way than those techniques existing so far.

The present technology is a mathematical system applied to a software tool that automates the different calculations of the project management, in order to analyze both, its current status and future projections as well.

What we are looking for:
The group looks for commercial and collaboration agreements, customized to the specific requirements of the interested company or institution.

This tool is already available for the market.

The research group has the secret know how of the technology.


Mr Juan José Cuadrado

Professor / Researcher from the Commputing Department
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