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GEINTRA Electronic Engineering applied to smart spaces and transport-Alcalá University

Campus Universitario, Edificio Politécnico, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
GEINTRA research group consists of 23 professors doctors and numerous researchers who aim to develop research in basic and applied issues related to smart spaces and smart transport and infrastructure systems.

GEINTRA permanently participates in a large number of research projects, both public and private funding. Fruit of the intensive research activity, the group continuously generates: technology transfer to various companies from the electronic sector, publication of their results in journals of high impact, conference papers, patents, etc.

ILCS (Intelligent Lighting Control System)

What we offer:
This proposal is an intelligent control system of the activity of street lighting luminaires based on LED technology. This system is intended to start / stop / mitigate conveniently the lights located primarily on highways. This will achieve significant energy savings and a significant reduction of CO2. There is no control system as this one so far, and thanks to the technology implemented in the luminaire, value-added functions can be implemented.

Thanks to this proposal, significantly save of the energy cost of the roads where vehicle traffic is low/medium in certain time, will be achieved.The autonomous intelligent system on / off / lighting control is not implemented in any current system. Also thanks to wireless technology it forms a mesh structure of streetlights that can share information between them and even make a coordinated lighting.

What we are looking for:
The group is looking for companies from the construction, electronics, energy, environmental or ICT sector to reach commercial or collaboration agreements. The group is also interested in finding partners for R&D regional or national calls and European projects as well.


Mr Ignacio Bravo

Professor / Researcher from the Electronic Department

System on Chip (SoC) development and verification tools

What we offer:
GEINTRA research group from Alcalá University has developed a technology for the design and verification of System on Chip (SoC). These tools allow to simulate at high speed, the SoC behaviour in its double aspect HW/SW, providing to the designer a rapid and precise information about the performance of the evaluated design. This allows to reduce the development time and the consequently the time-to-market.

FPGA is one of the most cost efficient alternatives for SoC implementation, specially those that are based in SW cores processors, but it doesn’t exist nowadays any tool with features similar to ours. Our solution offers a simulation speed more than 2•103 higher than the commercial options already in the market. In addition the former only allow to evaluate design performance by means of trial and error approach, being an extremely inefficient alternative.

What we are looking for:
The group looks for companies from aerospace and ICT sector to sign commercial agreements with technical assistance and cooperation agreements.

The group will adapt the technology due to the specifications given by the company that culminates in a successful implementation and use of the technology.

The group is also interested in finding partners for R&D regional and national calls and European projects as well.


Mr Raul Mateos Gil

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