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FLOSSystems S.L.

Calle Chantada 40
ZIP Code

Company Profile:
FLOSSystems is a startup company focused in networks, virtualized infrastructures, clouds and IT systems scalability. It was founded in Madrid (Spain) by members of LibreSoft, a engineering research group.

We are focused in provisioning of server architectures with Unix/Linux systems: HA Clusters, server virtualization, IaaS and automated management of deployments. Design and optimisation of scalable, secure and highly available architectures aimed at the publication of content on the Internet.

FLOSSystems - Open Source Systems Engineering

What we offer:
Our mission is to help you build the network you need. We offer planning, training, and maintenance to help companies to implement Open Source solutions. We provide state-of-the-art technologies for your network, allowing the construction of highly scalable, secure architectures, whilst avoiding black boxes, closed solutions, or vendor lock-in.

We also offer advanced training in Unix/Linux, and specialized courses for sysadmins and technical staff.

What we are looking for:
Help all the companies to implement Open Source solutions and to solve their limitations related to system infrastructure management for massive data, virtualization, clusters HA, load balancing, firewalls, secure email/DNS servers for content publication on the Internet. Together with our knowledge and expertise, we will help you build and maintain the server-side platform and network you need.

We also help the companies to train in advanced Unix/Linux technologies and advice/guidance on licensing models and implementation of Open Source licenses.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Storage
    • IT Security
    • Infrastructure software
    • Virtualisation
    • Open source
    • Company network systems
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Social software
    • IT services


Mr Miguel Vidal

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