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Off. 724, 7 Fl., 5 Schelkovskoe shosse,
ZIP Code
Russian Federation

Company Profile:
3D LIGA is a leader in 3D visualization, virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in Russia and CIS. We use modern 3D visualization technologies to create innovative solutions: Visual management system, 3D training simulator, medical 3D systems, entertainment solutions etc.
We are official partners of the largest international manufacturers in 3D technologies field. Our company participates in many Russian and international exhibitions. We implement big social projects in Russia.

1.Virtualization of the cultural heritage. 2.Educational and medical systems with the use of 3D interactive technologies and 3D training simulators.

What we offer:
1.Virtualization of the cultural heritage system provides remote access to Cultural Property, museums and exhibits. The goal of the project - the development of simple systems with different information (text, 3D photo / video, 3D applications and games, 3D models and other technologies) for the main cultural monuments and museum exhibits with possibility of remote access.
The technology allows to present the museum exhibits in an exciting manner that will emphasize their legends and interesting historical information.
2. 3D systems for medicine.
The main purpose of the system is to implement educating process with use of modern 3D visualization methods, VR, AR, gaming technologies.
Algorithmic diagnostic systems with 3D visualization of the peripheral nervous system will be created.

What we are looking for:
1.The development is aimed at the social and commercial organizations.
The application:
  - Culture
  - Museums
  - State
  - Education
2.The development is aimed at the social and commercial objectives.
The application:
  - Education
  - Medicine

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Virtualisation
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Digital content


Mr Gleb Uskov

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