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Company Profile:
HC TECHNOLOGIES is an electronics products designer. We design and develop electronics products for our customers. We do not make our own products, but the customerĀ“s products.

HC Technologies is expert in Wireless systems such us Zigbee, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, GPRS/3G, etc.

Our services can be contract by any company which needs any Hardware and/or Software since we can design both HW and SW for not only embedded systems but also for mobile devices (iphone, android, java, etc), servers, linux, etc.

Our Electronics Consultancy is free for customers, so, we can find the best solution for your problems without costs.

We are Design Partners from Texas Instruments and Microchip.

We have offices in Spain and USA from where we have direct contact with the better electronics manufactures who can service us your product manufacturing.

Electronic Products Design Services

What we offer:
We offer design services for both Hardware and Software developing.

Our company design special electronics products for our customers, bing involved in every step needed to set a product in a market or to use the product for any special function in companiesĀ“ offices or factories.

We are experts in Wireless systems (Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS, GPRS/3G, Wifi), but also in many other technologies such as touch system controllings (button, Touch lcd, sliders), wired communications (Ethernet, M-Bus, CAN, PLC, etc.), sensors controlling systems, etc.

We also can develop software for mobile devices such as iphone, android, java etc. and for servers. Our software normally is related with the electronics products we develop (communication systems with smartphones, remote controlling with server, etc).

Free Electronis consultancy. We can work to find the best solution for your problem, to find innovations you can use, etc. free of charge.

What we are looking for:
We are looking for companies with special needs of any special electronics developing.

1. Customers who need any electronic system which is not yet in the market (not commercial solution found).

2. Customers who want to innovate or improve their products adding the latest technologies in their products.

3. Customers who want to save costs by sub-contracting external companies to develop with experience in developings they need.

4. Companies or new companies which need to create a hardware system to work with their software developings.

5. Companies which need partners for their projects.

  • Infrastructures and Systems
    • Processing Hardware
    • IT Security
    • Company network systems
  • Tools and Solutions for Business
    • Mobile applications
    • IT services
  • Internet and Telecommunications
    • Mobile devices
    • Mobile applications
    • Mobility and wireless


Mr Mr. Daniel Herrero

General Manager

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