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Campus Universitario, Edificio Politécnico, Crta. NII
ZIP Code
Alcalá de Henares

Company Profile:
Formula SAE Racing Lab is formed by an interdisciplinary group of students and professors from Alcalá University. It aims is to design, model, build and maintain an electrical formula that will be presented to the international Formula Student competition. With this project the group seeks to enhance and extend the use of electric vehicles instead of the combustion ones.

In Formula Student international professional experts in the automotive industry evaluates the design and construction of the racing car created by future engineers, including aspects of manufacture, management and marketing.


What we offer:
The group seeks to demonstrate the competitiveness of the electric vehicle compared to combustion. The power formula is a social showcase to promote the use of these vehicles and change lifestyle towards ecological habits.

All the capabilities of currently available electric motors will be applied. These engines will be powered by power plates develop by the group, relying on the power consumption required to pass each of the tests. The group will also develop all the necessary electronics systems for the proper functioning of the vehicle, for instance the traction control system.

Other important aspects to consider when designing the vehicle are placing batteries and security, as all the electrical equipment must be isolated of the pilot.

What we are looking for:
The group aims to achieve economic and technological agreements with companies in the automotive sector and in general, sponsors or funding for the acquisition of resources such:

• Software licenses dedicated to 3D design and aerodynamic testing as CATIA, ANSYS, etc ...
• Materials such as chrome-molybdenum tubes of different densities, sensors, micro-controllers (Arduino), and direct electric motors 21kw wheel;
• Clothing for the competition: shirts, pants, boots, fireproof clothing, driver overalls, helmets and gloves.

It would be also welcome companies or organizations that can provide resources or materials used or obsolete (like the previous types) which could be reused in certain phases of the project.


Ms Carmen Pagés

Professor / Researcher from the Commputing Department

Mr José Javier Martínez

Professor / Researcher from the Commputing Department
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